The Baptist Theological Center of the Amazon (CTBA) began offering classes to leaders of Baptist churches near the Amazon River in 2001. The students came mostly from villages between Iquitos and Pebas in Loreto, the Amazonian department of Peru.


It was founded by an American missionary of the Baptist Association for World Evangelization (ABEM) and a Peruvian missionary, Juan Romayna. Unfortunately, after only one module, the foreign missionary was forced to leave the mission field due to a tragic accident. As a result, the institution continued operating under the direction of Juan Romayna, who is in charge so far.


In 2011 we arrived in Lima as we consider it a central and strategic place to expand. That is why in 2013 we started our first Baptist Theological Center (CTB) in Lima and Jauja. The desire to expand made us visit cities such as Arequipa, where a center was opened in 2015.


We have the vision to open new centers in different parts of Lima since many students live in very remote places and it is difficult for them to attend classes, that is why CTB opened a center in Comas in 2015, where we worked for a year and a half, to then move to San Martín de Porres in 2016.


Currently, we have the centers of Barranco, Cajamarca,  Arequipa and Online courses.

Our history