Provide comprehensive theological education, contextualized and accessible to the leaders of evangelical churches nationwide.

  • Spirituality: We want to provide a comprehensive education, where not only be filled with information but also the heart (put into practice).

  • Humility: We teach with humility and we want our students to learn from that.

  • Christian fellowship: We hope that the classes are participatory, and that they allow themselves to know and help each other in their churches.

  • Theological depth: We have few courses but with greater depth, using the best texts.

  • Maximization of learning: We believe that we have not taught well if they have not learned, that is why we use different learning methods for greater understanding.

  • Practical and contextualized training: We want to help students to carry out a good ministry, not only that they have a good theological knowledge but also that it serves them for their ministries.

  • Achievable prices: We understand the difficulty that many have to gather enough resources to study in some higher places, that is why we want to offer the lowest possible prices allowing more people to have the opportunity to study at a good level.

  • Lasting results: We want to invest in lives, in people who will minister for the rest of their lives.